The Team


Rympow TEAM – The team was started as a side project of three experienced game developers. We’ve worked on big games like This War of Mine and Anomaly series as well as some mobile tiltles like Funky Smugglers or Sleepwalker’s Journey. We just have some spare time after hours and want to make our own cool, small but well-polished games.

Radek Gwarek   Design

He’s a cyborg… No, seriously – he IS a cyborg… He is never tired, always ready for new work and always full of fresh ideas. Radek’s skill was forged while working on This War of Mine, Funky Smugglers and Anomaly series as well as some minor mini games he made after hours. He just can’t stop making video games!

Aleksander Kauch   Code

In short – smart guy. Is a gameplay programmer of This War of Mine, Funky Smugglers and Anomaly series. He just knows how to get the job done. Probably owns his programming skills to signing a contract with Cthulhu with his own blood.

Dominik Zieliński   GFX

He has pixels in his head and a wide variety of art skills. He worked with the rest of the team on This War of Mine. Preaches the importance of distingushing between warm and cold colors. Big fan of Amiga and retro games – which gave PixWing its unique pixel-art style.


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